KoR Whitening

Zoom, White Strips, at-home tray whitening, your great aunt Elma's homemade teeth whitening concoction—There are more ways to whiten your teeth now than ever before. So how do you decide which whitening product is the best for your situation?

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is achieved most commonly through applying hydrogen peroxide or a closely-related substance called carbamide peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide enters the tubules of the tooth and breaks down stain-causing agents. Whitening can also be done by using an abrasive to clean the surface of the teeth. This can be remove tooth and root structure, so it is important to have a thorough assessment of your mouth before whitening.

Is It Safe?

Whitening has been shown to be quite safe to the teeth. In fact, hydrogen peroxide is a very good antibacterial and helps to control decay. The main side effect is sensitivity. This can be managed with Kor™ sensitivity products, which provide a unique solution to the common problem.

One recent report did warn against the effects of over whitening. It is important for whitening patients to have a thorough examination to identify potential problems and so that patients can be monitored throughout the whitening process.

How is Kor™ Whitening Different?

Kor™ is all about attention to detail. The impressions we take for the custom trays have to meet exact specifications designed to allow a precise fit between the trays and your teeth. The trays are made at the Kor™ lab to exacting standards. They are designed to deliver the right amount of whitening material to the teeth and to keep the whitening material isolated from the rest of the mouth. Saliva contamination is one major reason why whitening gel loses effectiveness over time. By creating tight-fitting trays, we can keep the gel active for longer periods of time and increase whitening effectiveness.

Finally, the chemistry involved in the products is very forward thinking. Kor™ has really taken the time to understand how certain teeth whiten better than others and has developed different treatments for different situations. Options include day whitening, night whitening, in-office whitening and ultra-whitening solutions for very difficult cases (even tetracycline stained teeth).

Kor Whitening Before and After

If you are interested in trying a different type of whitening, Kor™ may be a good option for you. The first step is a consultation so we can assess the condition and type of staining in your teeth. Then one of our doctors will make a recommendation on the type of treatment that is right for your situation.

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