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At Boise Integrative Dentistry, we provide a unique perspective and philosophy toward dentistry and your overall health. Through extensive personal research and continuing education, our team of doctors has created a dental environment that encompasses wellness, treats the issues relating to oral health, and promotes balance for your whole body. Treatments in areas such as veneers, dental implants, pediatric dentistry, TMJ pain, sleep apnea, safe mercury removal, periodontology, and more, are all completed at the highest level with an integrative approach in mind. Partnering with other practitioners such as CranioSacral therapists, speech pathologists, functional medicine doctors, and myofunctional therapists plays an integral role in our treatment philosophy. By recognizing the connections between the mouth and body, our dentists can tailor your individual care to specifically address the underlying causes of dental disease, rather than just treating the symptoms.

If you have been searching for a caring and experienced integrative dentist in Boise, we invite you to request an appointment today!