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Wow Cup

Wow Cup

If you are looking for a spill-free cup for your child, give the Wow Cup a try! It features a patented 360-degree "Even-Seal" drinking edge that automatically seals itself after a sip has been taken. The Wow Cup is also dentist approved because it supports natural oral development!

The drinking edge helps toddlers develop the oral and motor coordination to transition to using an open cup, while assisting in the prevention of potential orthodontic issues that can be caused by long-term sucking on spouts. The Wow Cup design allows the tongue to function more naturally, providing a natural feeding transition from a bottle or breast to the Wow Cup and ensuring that the muscles of the mouth and hard palate continue developing properly.

Wow Cups are also BPA, PVC, and phthalate free! There are two designs- Wow Baby for babies 9 months and older and Wow Kids for children 12 months and older.