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What makes a dental office environmentally responsible?

What makes a dental office environmentally responsible? There is a lot of information in the news lately about green living.  We think that being environmentally responsible is not only important for our personal lives, but also in business.  We have therefore made efforts to lessen our impact on the environment while still providing quality dental care.  Below are some of the steps we have taken to make this happen:
  • Our office uses digital radiography, which reduces harsh chemicals that need to be disposed of.  Digital radiographs also reduce the amount of radiation for our patients and appear instantly on the screen.
  • Amalgam separators-  These devices remove amalgam from our water lines before it enters the treatment facilities.  Amalgam can be hazardous if burned or improperly disposed of, so while amalgam separators are not required, we think they are environmentally-friendly and worth the cost and maintenance.
  • Office recycling-  Both our offices have voluntarily signed up for office recycling of paper products, cardboard and plastic.  We, our course, shred and properly dispose of all personal records.  We also recycle our ink printer cartridges.
  • Electronic Records-  Our offices make use of electronic records and e-mail whenever possible to minimize paper usage.
  • Responsible Energy Usage- Our offices have switched to energy-efficient light bulbs (compact fluorescent lights)
We hope that these steps will allow our office to leave less of a footprint on the environment.  Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.