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Dr. Bruce is Retiring!

Dr. Bruce is Retiring!

To my valued patients,

I am writing to you today with both a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction but also a sense of sadness.
I am excited to to tell you that I have decided to retire from the active practice of dentistry at the end of this year. I have been practicing dentistry for 41 years and it is time to begin a new chapter in my life. I feel satisfied and fulfilled because I had so many loyal and wonderful patients who entrusted me to provide dental care for themselves and their family members for so many years. I can tell you that I did my best each and every day that I went to work. At times, not every thing turned out as ideal as I wanted but it was never due to a lack of effort. I always tried to be fair with all of my patients and treat all of you as I would treat my own family.
At the same time I am also saddened because I know that I will not see most of you on a regular basis in the future. I will miss the friendship and trust that you have given me for so many years. I could not have asked for better patients! For that I just want to say thank you!


I know that I am leaving the practice in very capable hands. Dr. Rosa Pothier, who has been with us for over three years now, will become a partner in the practice along with my original partner Dr. Ririe and my son, Dr. Dan.

Dr. Rosa will be at the Bodo office Monday-Thursday and available to see and treat my downtown patients. Dr. Dan Bruce and Dr. Ririe will be at the Ustick office full time except that Dr. Ririe will continue to be downtown on Mondays.
I have informed the other doctors that I will be available to help when they are on vacations so you may see me occasionally in the office doing exams, treating emergencies and catching up with friends, but I have told them not to call too often because I will not be able to answer if I am on a fishing stream, a ski slope or traveling to some faraway destination!

Again, I want to thank you for allowing me to have a successful and very fulfilling career. Your trust in me made all of that possible. I wish the best for all of you in the future.



Steven Bruce, D.M.D.