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Corporate Dental Companies

Corporate Dental Companies

Aspen Dental was recently fined $450,000 by the New York State Attorney General for illegal business practice. The list of offenses included operating dental offices as a chain and upselling patients to increase profits. The Attorney General's office claimed that patients' clinical care was being influenced by corporate management's policies, instead of being decided by licensed dental professionals. It is truly disheartening to see stories like this where profits take the priority over patient care.

At our office, we strongly believe that each and every patient deserves the best, individualized care possible. Drs. Bruce, Ririe, and Bruce work with patients to create customized treatment plans designed to fits their specific needs. Our doctors do not recommend treatment for patients that they would not perform on their own family and friends. The doctor-patient relationship should be centered on trust and mutual respect, and we want our patients to know that we always make treatment recommendations with their best interests in mind!