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Dr. Dan Bruce - Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Below are three different comments we received over the last month from recent patients at our Bay Pointe office, which is located on the Boise Bench.

"Incredible! I have not been as rested and have not had the resulting energy after a night's sleep until using the Somnomed!  Not even from my CPAP maching--not even close.  Finally!! Great sleep.  Thanks, Dr. Dan!" - Rodney, who recently switched from a different oral appliance to a Somnomed.

"I could tell a difference immediately.  I now dream every night, multiple times.  I feel more rested and my blood pressure has been reduced" - Melissa, treated by Dr. Dan Bruce with a Somnomed oral appliance. 

...and one of my personal favorites, "my teeth feel so clean I think I can talk faster!" - Dennis, after his periodontal maintenance (cleaning) visit.

Thank you to our wonderful patients for the kind words!